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IMF Tune - Bringing Back the Exchange Connection Filter
IMF Tune - Bringing Back the Exchange Connection Filter

video Configuring Exchange 2013 Anti-Spam (Video Series)

In this video series we go through the spam filtering functionality available in Exchange 2013 RTM. We install the anti-spam agents, and look at each of the Sender, Recipient, Sender Id, Sender Reputation and Content filters.

video IMF Tune Sender Auto-Whitelisting (7 min)

IMF Tune version 5.6 is introducing the new Sender Auto-Whitelisting functionality. In this video we configure and see how this feature works.

video Introduction to IMF Tune Quarantine/Reporting Interface (7 min)

The latest IMF Tune release introduced a new Quarantine and Reporting component. This video starts with a quick overview of the system setup. Next we take a look at the email moderation interface and some of the reports generated.

video Running IMF Tune with the Exchange 2007 Content Filter (10 min)

IMF Tune for Exchange 2007 works in tandem with the Content Filter Agent to deliver a comprehensive anti-spam solution. This tutorial walks through the Exchange 2007 Content Filter configuration, readying the system to deploy IMF Tune.

video Introduction to IMF Tune (13 min)

IMF Tune arms you with the best spam blocking functionality. At the same time, quarantine and reporting ensure you stay in control. This video tutorial introduces the salient IMF Tune functionality, allowing you to take full advantage of the product in no time.

video Integrating Foreign Spam Filters into Exchange (10 min)

IMF Tune enables any anti-spam filter to integrate into Exchange 2003, 2007 and 2010. Filters running on any platform, on firewall appliances, and even at external service providers, suddenly become an integral part of Exchange.

video Running SQL behind a Firewall - IMF Tune Quarantine (15 min)

The IMF Tune Quarantine and Reporting system relies on a Microsoft SQL server database backend. Today we demonstrate the basic SQL server setup when running behind a firewall. We configure the database server and open the necessary ports for IMF Tune to work.

video IMF Tune - Configuring Advanced SCL Rules (5 min)

Advanced SCL Rules are composed of a set of conditions and exceptions to be satisfied in order for an Action to be applied. This Video tutorial shows how to configure the Rules functionality to construct very selective filters based on which we can identify spam and legitimate emails.


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