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AD Schema Diagnose

This application runs a sequence of tests verifying the conditions that must be met for a successful schema update. Depending on the access level of the user running the application some of the tests may fail, others may succeed but the result might indicate that a required condition is not being met.

Active Directory Schema Diagnose

SchemaDiag is most useful to users in the process of deploying schema updates. If the tool is unable to perform all the tests or if any tests return negative results it is very unlikely that the real schema extension succeeds.


The application performs the following sequence of tests:

  1. Retrieval of the security context information under which the application is running. It logs the account for the user running the application and its security group membership. This enables visual verification of membership to the 'Schema Admins' group, a requirement for a user to extend the schema.

    Security Context

  2. Retrieval of the schema master machine details:
    • Schema Master Machine name
    • AD schema container distinguished name
    • AD Schema Master machine object distinguished name.
    • Schema Master Operating System version/Service Pack installed.

    Schema Master

  3. Testing of LDAP connectivity to the schema master machine. The test verifies if the machine running the Diagnostic tool is able to directly connect to the schema master which connectivity is required for a schema update.

    Schema Container Connection

  4. Testing of schema master machine registry access. Machines running Windows 2000 require enabling of schema updates through registry. Hence the tool verifies whether schema updates are enabled and whether the user has the necessary rights to set the 'Schema Update Allowed' registry value.

    Registry Access

  5. Verification of the access level the user has on the AD schema container. Whereas the first test enables visual inspection for the 'Schema Admins' security group, this test determines the exact access level and the set of rights the user is granted on the schema container.

    Schema Container Access


Installing/Using the application


Minimum requirements:

Any Windows platform from:

  • Windows Server 2003/2008
  • Small Business Server SBS 2003/2008/2011
  • Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7


There is little to say on using this application, just download and run the executable. The tests will run automatically. You may then save the results to disk. The application runs under the user's security context. You may use runas to switch between different users.



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