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WinDeveloper vs Native Exchange Message Recalling

How many times have you sent an email too early, missing an attachment, or even worst to the wrong recipient? You hit send and immediately realize the mistake. Sure, you can try recalling it from Outlook. But will that work?

WinDeveloper vs Native Exchange Message Recalling

The message recall functionality available in Exchange hardly ever works. Indeed recall requests very often have the opposite effect. It is like telling recipients to open the email and spot the error.

WinDeveloper Message Recall gives you a predictable process for recalling sent emails. This is superior to the MS Exchange functionality in many ways. Here is why:

  • Process Recall Messages at the Server - This is a lot more efficient than the MS Exchange implementation where recalls are processed at the recipient Outlook client.

  • Recipients Never See the Email - If successful, neither the original email nor the recall request ever reaches the email recipients. Thus the recipient will never know. Compare that to the native recall system where Outlook may be configured not to automatically process recalls.

  • Works with both Local and Foreign Recipients - Recalling emails addressed to recipients outside the organization is often more critical than for local recipients. This is when the native Exchange solution lets you down completely. Not so with WinDeveloper, all emails are handled equally well.

  • Recall Emails Directly from OWA - MS Exchange does not provide the ability to recall emails from the Outlook Web Access/App browser interface. WinDeveloper fills this gap with the included WinDeveloper OWA Recall extension.

  • Accurate Success/Failure Notifications - WinDeveloper generates notifications identical to those of the native Exchange solution. What's better is that on succeeding, email delivery is blocked for all recipients. This is not so with native recalling, here a recall may succeed for some of the recipients but fail for others.

  • No New Client-Side Software - No new software to install and manage on client computers. Users recall emails directly from MS Outlook and the OWA web interface.

  • Log all Recall Attempts - Centralized record of all recall requests. Logs include all the key information such as the subject, sender, recipient list, and whether or not the recall was successful.

  • Archive Emails Deleted by Recalls - Email senders might want to block recipients from seeing their email. However if the organization policy dictates that deleted emails are to be archived at the server, WinDeveloper will also satisfy that requirement.

  • Different Recall Settings for Different User Groups - Recalling emails addressed to recipients outside the organization is often more critical than for local recipients. To reflect this fact different Sender/Recipient groups may be assigned different recall handling settings.

  • Drop Failed Recall Requests or Fallback to Traditional Recalling - If unable to satisfy a recall request you may choose to delete the request at the server. Thus recipients remain unaware of the recall attempt. Alternatively you may choose to deliver the recall request to the recipients, falling back to traditional recalling.


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