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WinDeveloper O365 Mailer FREE for 1 Year
WinDeveloper Message Recall Resources


Case Studies, Whitepapers and articles on how to employ WinDeveloper Message Recall.

WinDeveloper vs Native Exchange Message Recalling

The message recall functionality available in Exchange hardly ever works. Indeed recall requests very often have the opposite effect. It is like telling recipients to open the email and spot the error. Here is why WinDeveloper Message Recall is a game changer...

Message Recalling Works! Here is how...

WinDeveloper Message Recall dramatically increases your ability to successfully recall emails. Here is how we changed an Exchange feature that hardly ever worked into one you can count on.

Different Recall Settings for Different Email Categories

WinDeveloper Message Recall v1.2 introduced the new configuration Overrides functionality. These allow us to specify different recall handling settings for different email categories. In this article we go through some practical examples demonstrating the use of Overrides.

HOWTO: Recall Emails from Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003

WinDeveloper Message Recall moves recall processing to the server requiring no new client-side software. Users simply use the Outlook 'Recall This Message' command. Here is how to do this from various Outlook client versions.


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