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WinDeveloper Coin Tracker
WinDeveloper Coin Tracker
WinDeveloper Coin Tracker Resources


Case Studies, Whitepapers and articles on how to employ WinDeveloper Coin Tracker.

Getting Started with the Coin Tracker

We only need a few minutes to get the WinDeveloper Coin Tracker ready to run. Here we walk through the installation, coin selection, asset configuration and off we go.

Coin Tracker Currency Conversions

The Coin Tracker shows pricing information in a number of currencies. Some of these prices might not be directly quoted by the crypto exchanges. We thus have to convert the available quotation to the required currency.

Differences in Quoted Prices between Coin Tracker and Crypto Exchanges

The WinDeveloper Coin Tracker retrieves pricing information from a number of crypto exchanges. Sometimes it is possible to observe differences in the prices shown at the Coin Tracker and the prices on buying/selling crypto assets.

Backup/Restore/Replicate Coin Tracker Configuration

You can easily backup/restore/replicate the Coin Tracker configuration using the import/export functionality.

Setting the Coin Tracker Reference Currency

By default the Coin Tracker will prompt you to specify any asset prices in US Dollars. Setting the reference currency is important for the Coin Tracker to correctly show profit/loss information.

Troubleshoot Problems with Coin Price Updates

Occasionally the Coin Tracker may fail to update price information for one or more coins. Here are some possible reasons and how to best troubleshoot such problems.


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