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WinDeveloper Coin Tracker
WinDeveloper Coin Tracker

Coin Tracker Currency Conversions

The Coin Tracker shows pricing information in a number of currencies. Some of these prices might not be directly quoted by the crypto exchanges. We thus have to convert the available quotation to the required currency.

For example the Coin Tracker shows US Dollar and Euro prices for Binance despite (as of the time of writing) Binance does not allow for trading in these currencies. Furthermore the Binance APIs being used do not provide us with a direct quotation for these currencies. Thus we have to convert the quoted prices ourselves. These conversions may involve the use of exchange rates retrieved from service providers other than the crypto exchange itself.

In case of Binance, USD quotations are based on USDT. Binance APIs supply us a quotation in USDT. We then convert this to USD using a 1:1 conversion rate. Whereas we consider this conversion to be a common practice, it is important to appreciate that WinDeveloper does not provide any guarantee regarding the accuracy or correctness of this conversion rate.

When it comes to Euro and other currencies, we are converting quotations from USD by applying the relevant central exchange rate. Foreign exchange rates are retrieved from 3rd party exchange rate services unrelated to the crypto exchange.

Of course, the same is also true for other crypto exchanges.

We are doing our best in providing accurate pricing information. However WinDeveloper does not provide any guarantee regarding the accuracy or correctness of any of the pricing information.

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