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WinDeveloper Coin Tracker
WinDeveloper Coin Tracker

Coin Tracker Refresh Build (

This Coin Tracker build refreshes the list of crypto assets traded on Binance and Coinbase as of August 2018. This includes a long list of new assets for Binance and one addition for Coinbase (ETC). Check the complete list of supported crypto assets below.


ADA    ADX     AE     AGI    AION   AMB    APPC   ARDR    ARK     ARN     AST     BAT 
BCC    BCD     BCN    BCPT   BLZ    BNB    BNT    BQX     BRD     BTC     BTG     BTS 
CDT    CHAT    CLOAK  CMT    CND    CVC    DASH   DATA    DENT    DGD     DLT     DNT    
DOCK   EDO     ELF    ENG    ENJ    EOS    ETC    ETH     EVX     FUEL    FUN     GAS     
GNT    GRS     GTO    GVT    GXS    HC     HOT    HSR     ICN     ICX     INS     IOST    
IOTA   IOTX    KEY    KMD    KNC    LEND   LINK   LOOM    LRC     LSK     LTC     LUN
MANA   MCO     MDA    MFT    MOD    MTH    MTL    NANO    NAS     NAV     NCASH   NEBL    
NEO    NPXS    NULS   NXS    OAX    OMG    ONT    OST     PHX     PIVX    POA     POE
POLY   POWR    PPT    QKC    QLC    QSP    QTUM   RCN     RDN     REP     REQ     RLC
SYS    THETA   TNB    TNT    TRIG   TRX    TUSD   VEN     VET     VIA     VIB     VIBE   
WABI   WAN     AVES   WINGS  WPR    WTC    XEM    XLM     XMR     XRP     XVG     XZC    
YOYO   ZEC     ZEN    ZIL    ZRX  


BTC    ETH     LTC    BCC    ETC    


Coin Tracker Auto-Updating

This build includes an auto-updater that will now regularly check for updates. On finding a new build the updater will providing the option to download and install the build.


Version Information

This information applies to Coin Tracker v1.0 build number If already installed, you can verify the current build number from the Coin Tracker interface under the About category.


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