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WinDeveloper O365 Mailer FREE for 1 Year
WinDeveloper O365 Mailer FREE for 1 Year
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Case Studies, Whitepapers and articles on how to employ WinDeveloper O365 Mailer.

Which Office 365 permissions does the Mailer require?

On submitting our first mailing we will be prompted to login to Office 365. Next the Authorisation dialog prompts us to grant the mailer the necessary permissions for it to work. Specifically, these permissions must be granted...

Send Mailings from Shared Mailboxes

With O365 Mailer, users can access all mailboxes for which they have Send As permissions. By default mailings are sent from the primary mailbox of the O365 login user. However this can be overridden.

Always test Mailings before Sending

It is always wise to test an important mailing before going ahead. Reviewing an offline email sample is important but not enough. We also need to send a few test emails ensuring everything is ready for the full mailing to go ahead.

Breaking large Mailings into Batches

When dealing with large mailings it is sometimes desirable to break it into smaller batches and send these separately. The Mailing Wizard provides the ability to do this but there is a catch we need to be aware of.

Sending our first Mailing with O365 Mailer

WinDeveloper O365 Mailer makes creating, managing and submitting mailings a very intuitive process. Here we walk through the steps, starting from authoring a new email template to submitting it for delivery.


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