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WinDeveloper O365 Mailer FREE for 1 Year
WinDeveloper O365 Mailer FREE for 1 Year

Create & Send Mailshots in Office 365 for Free

WinDeveloper Software just announced the release of WinDeveloper O365 Mailer. This Office 365 tool is packed with functionality going well beyond the basics of creating and sending mailshots.

Focusing exclusively on Office 365, the mailer is designed to run on user desktops side-by-side Outlook. Users can send mailings from their primary mailbox as well as from any other shared mailbox.

Catering for the cloud while running from the desktop has distinct advantages. "We are very conscious of privacy and security", Alexander Zammit WinDeveloper Technical Director explains, "Just because your mail server is on the cloud, your contact database need not be uploaded to the cloud too."

Indeed running on user machines, the mailer can easily access data wherever this is stored, both from the local network and the cloud. This makes the mailer ideal to integrate with other applications having a database backend, such as CRM.

A tool that can be picked up and immediately used productively is at the heart of WinDeveloper's vision. Alexander identifies easy-of-use to be the key, "Little to no learning curve, users must be able to run the mailer, send and forget about it".

Intuitive to the casual user, but also ready for the Enterprise. The Mailing Wizard displays what the final email is going to look like before sending anything. It is also easy to send a short test run of the mailing before the full mailing is submitted. And of course a text log is available for reviewing lengthy mailings.

Being so feature rich it is surprising that WinDeveloper is giving this away for free. Add the free technical support and you have an unmissable give-away. "The mailer is free, but development and testing didn't come for free", Alexander points out, "We are simply confident that putting more of our software on Enterprise user desktops will create more opportunities".

More Information on this release is available from the WinDeveloper website at From here you can also download the latest version of the O365 Mailer.

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